Life is a challenge.  Right ?

Everyday we go about our daily lives, and if truth be known, we dont do too much of a bad job at the end of the day.

Here's the thing.  What do you do when the unexpected happens ?



Family disputes

Relationship troubles

Neighbourhod disputes

Work pressure

Financial worries

The list really is endless, and in many cases you will find the inner resolve to manage the best you can.  But what happens when you cant manage ?.  What happens when you feel you dont have the answers, and you cant see a way through.  Most of the above mentioned issues will have been present in your lives for some time, and as time elapses, instead of just going away, they begin to chip away at your happiness, confidence, wellbeing, your ability to function like you used to. You can't turn to people close to you, as you dont want to burden them, you dont want them to know how things have become, you dont want to be seen as a failure

Firstly.  you are not a failure.  You are human

Here at Lee Marsh, we offer a confidential one to one counselling service, where the focus is entirely on you.  Going at a pace comfortable to you, so as to enable you to think clearly and express how you are truly feeling. Giving you the time you need to move forward in life

Consultations can be either at the consulting rooms situated in the centre of Gainsborough, at your own home, and for those of you who do not feel ready for a face to face meeting, Skype consulting, and messenger consulting, are also options available.  So there really is no reason for you not to obtain the support you require

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