Lee Marsh represents clients from all walks of life who are confronted with situations they are unfamiliar with and don't fully understand what to do or where to turn.

  •  Benefit claims
  •  Small claims court
  •  Debt
  •  Healthcare
  •  Workplace situations
  •  Relatives provision of care
  •  Education and workplace bullying

All cases are dealt with on an individual basis by Lee Marsh, who once has had an initial meeting with you, will represent you and your needs to conclusion.

Whether the case involves minimal work, or is an ongoing situation which requires frequent follow up and advocacy, you can be assured you will only be dealing with Lee Marsh, who will be fluent in your circumstances and on call for any of your concerns twenty four hours a day.  So there really is no need to feel alone and fearful of the unknown and unfamiliar.

Call Lee for an initial appointment free of charge and with no obligation