Throughout life we are presented with many challenges, some easy to manage, others not so easy.  We live in an ever changing world where expectations vary from person to person.  Trying to 'fit in', to 'adapt', to 'change our behaviour', to 'achieve others goals'.  Its all a challenge and can apply immense pressure which affects our thoughts, feelings and general wellbeing.

How do we cope when unexpected life events present themselves, such as births, deaths, illness, long term disability of a family member. The list goes on.

How do we cope when the family unit starts to breakdown? When the job we had for so long, no longer exists?

Who do we turn to? What do we say? How do we move forward ?

Lee Marsh provides one to one counselling therapy which is very much centred on you, the individual.  Calling upon an eclectic knowledge of theorists, psychologists and psychotherapists.  Looking at the here and now, working together to create a person centred pathway forward, not only to enhance your current mood but also to understand and encourage self management in difficult times

Working together over a period of time, you will become more understanding of yourself and the triggers that bring doubt  and conflict into your life.